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Horse Games For Kids Guide – 2 More Great Games On Horseback!

We are always trying to find fun horse games for kids to play on horseback.  It’s a great way to teach horsemanship and have fun at the same time.  Here are two more games that we have found that you can try at home.

1.  The first one is called Red Light Green Light:  The young riders mount their horses and line up, side by side with a reasonable distance between them, at one end of the arena facing the opposite end.

They will ride in a straight line from one end of the ring to the other.  When the instructor yells out “RED LIGHT”, then the riders must walk.  When the instructor yells out “GREEN LIGHT”, they must trot.  They must be precise and timely.  If the rider makes a mistake, they must back up five steps.

The first rider to reach the other end and cross the finish line is the winner.  This develops the skills of eye contact and body language while encouraging control and calmness with the horse.

2.  The second game we found is the Mounting and Dismounting Game – It is best to play this with 4 older, taller riders who easily mount their horse from the ground and 4 younger, smaller riders who must mount with the aid of a mounting block.

One older rider is paired with a younger rider and compete as a team.  To begin with, the smaller riders are in the center of the arena, standing on their mounting block.  They must keep an eye on their older team mate who is mounted on the horse and on the rail.

The instructor yells out commands to the riders who must do what is asked of, like trot, walk, circle, etc.  But, when the instructor yells out “HALT” the older rider stops on the rail and dismounts the horse.

The younger rider runs from the center ring to her team mate and horse.  The older rider must help the smaller rider get on (safely, of course) by giving a “leg up” and then must run back to the mounting block.  The last person in that team that arrives at the mounting block is out.

Now the little riders are asked to perform certain tasks by the instructor.  The halt is asked for and then the older rider runs back out to the rail to help the little rider off, and get back on the horse herself.   The younger rider dashes back to the mounting block.

By this time, it is getting very, very funny!  The older riders are riding either jockey style (in the younger riders stirrup lengths) or with no stirrups at all!  The kids are cheering for their teammate and it is all very crazy!  This continues on until the last team remains and is the winner.

These are, obviously, horse games to play while actually riding!  There are other online horse games that you can play if you don’t have a horse or it’s raining!!!  There are fun horse video games for both girls and boys!  And, some are virtual horse and pony games that are just what kids are looking for on the internet these days.

If you want to see some learning games, go to my site at Horse And Rider Club.  Your child can learn the parts of the horse with a flash game!

Well… I hope this helps, parents!

Lisa Blackstone
American Horse Association

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